Parenting Seminars

Maybe you feel a need to make sure you’re doing the best job possible as a parent and have no regrets? Maybe you and your child-children are in constant conflict and you’re losing your mind? Maybe you don’t like the person you are with your kids and worry you’re harming them in some way? Maybe you want to strengthen the relationship? Maybe you don’t want to be the parent to your kids your parents were to you?

I get it …

This seminar gives you the tools & guidance to create the change you want and develop the confidence you need for success.  If you take the time and make the effort to apply what you learn here at home, utilize the built-in support of your peers, come back for one more day of fine-tuning, and participate in weekly group phone calls following the seminar,

You Will See Meaningful Results, GUARANTEED

In this seminar you will learn to be part of the SOLUTION, rather than part of the problem. You will learn to use parenting as a way to feel good about yourself, rather than something that brings you down. 

  • Explore what’s driving you to change and learn to use this for fueling motivation, pushing through your fears, and taking action. 
  • Learn how you may be contributing to the creation and perpetuation of the problems, so you can stop doing it and have a new experience. 
  • Learn to actively listen and empathize with your kids, relate to them in a meaningful way, and then provide them with choices that help them learn to take responsibility for themselves – all the while keeping your cool and consciously minimizing conflict.
  • Explore ways you can connect with your kids in a more meaningful, fulfilling way. 
  • Develop a plan and learn to nurture the commitment and resolve needed for carrying it out; including behavior plans. 

“When I think of my relationship with my kids and how I feel about myself as a parent, there is a before and after feeling from when I took the Hands on the Wheel seminar. My hands weren’t, now they are.” – Susan Jarvis

“The return on investment for me was undeniable. The dynamic with my son is entirely different, and better, since I’ve implemented what I learned from the parenting seminar I took.” – Tim Bonello

Seminar Outline

Day 1:  Pointing Finger at Ourselves

  • Exploring Reasons and Motivation for Change
  • Stages of Change: precontemplation / contemplation / preparation / action 
  • Embarking on the Hero’s Journey – nurturing a bigger perspective
  • Setting Intentions / Affirmations – putting our hands on the wheel 
  • Honesty: how are we part of the problem? What type of parent am I? 
  • Expectations: for ourselves; for our children
  • Ownership: cleaning up your side of the road, keeping ahead of yourself, brutal honesty, sharing your experience, verbalizing where you’re at 
  • Precursors of Change: willingness to be uncomfortable
  • Coping Skills: ‘surviving’ the worst your child can throw at you

Day 2: Interacting with your Child

  • Meeting Child Where They Are At
  • Relating to your Child 
  • Keeping Ahead of Things
  • Providing Child with Choices
  • Matter-of-Fact Attitude
  • Positive Reinforcement 
  • Structure: Clarity and Consistency 
  • Teens: The Consultant Parent 
  • Spontaneous Love and Appreciation
  • Behavior Plans

Utilizing Support between Day 2 and Day 3

(Keep log of calls made, things shared, helpful tips, persisting challenges)

  • Sharing changes in awareness, regardless of whether or not you do things as well as you wish, or whether things turn out as you hoped they would. 
  • Checking-in with regard to your motivation, commitment, and resolve (honesty) 
  • Sharing any successes within context of pointing the finger at yourself, regardless of whether or not your child responded differently or outcomes were changeds 
  • Sharing any successes within context of how your child responds, whether or not the dynamics in your parent-child relationship changes in any way 
  • Challenges: what’s hardest for you? Are you falling back into old patterns or habits? 
  • The Thousand-Pound Phone – is it hard for you to reach out? Did you? Did it help? 

Day 3: Review & Integration

  • Two-Steps Forward, One Step Back: paying our dues, normalizing change process 
  • Separating our Internal & External Experiences: keeping hands on the wheel  
  • Re-Committing to Hero’s Journey: placing challenges and feelings in context 

Pointing Finger at Ourselves

  • Exploring Successes: what role did you play in creating them? 
  • Exploring Challenges: where can you do better? 
  • Utilizing Support Network: did you? What was your experience either way? 

Interacting with your Child

  • Exploring Successes & Challenges: focusing on own sphere of influence
  • Behavior Plan Review
  • Applying Principles to ‘Unique’ Child Circumstances
  • Exploring possible need for additional outside help
  • Questions

After Day 3…

  • Continued Support: committing to peer to peer contact
  • Weekly 2-hour Conference Call for 4 weeks (questions, sharing experiences, ideas, feedback)

Upcoming Dates

April 27th and 28th, and May 11th, 2024 (Taos, NM location yet to be announced) 

May 4th and 5th, and May 18th, 2024 (Santa Fe, NM location yet to be announced)

September 14th and 15th, and September 28th (Boulder, CO location yet to be announced)

October 19th and 20th, and November 2nd (Albuquerque, NM location yet to be announced)