Hands on the Wheel
Motivational Speaker

Public Speaking Presentations 

Drawing from what I’ve learned and experienced as a therapist, and in my own life, I’ve developed these informative, provocative, and entertaining presentations to help people open their minds around what is possible, and create meaningful change for themselves.

Each of these talks is designed for one-hour, with additional time available (if desired) after each presentation for questions and further exploration of the themes and materials discussed.  Talks can be shortened upon request. 

“Mike has a funny way of presenting concepts you think you have a grasp on, but then you have to think about a bit more, in a different way.”   –  Kim Carr

“I’d never been forced to really look at myself, and what I believe, in this way. Mike has a way of delving into things where he makes it easy to engage and digest. And he had me laughing throughout.” – Scott Parker

The Open-Mindedness Challenge 

This presentation helps people explore their own levels of open-mindedness – how it may expand and improve, or limit and detract from, all aspects of daily living.  How open-minded am I?  How capable am I at looking at myself honestly, with humility?  Am I a know-it-all?  What’s my role in relationship challenges?  Is it possible there are ways for me to be a better partner, parent, employee?  Am I interested in making my world Bigger? 

This presentation also delves into pseudoscience and explores the relationship between the rational and the inexplicable. How open am I to things I can’t explain? Am I open to having new experiences that may challenge my own thinking and beliefs, and provide me with new experiences? Am I missing out on potential resources that cannot be ‘proven’ scientifically? 

Hero’s Journey – a Therapist’s Take on Change

This presentation is an entertaining and often humorous look at the process of change, or lack of change, in people’s lives. Do I even need to change?  What’s my track record – do I even know how to go about it?  How do the stages of change apply to me?  What are things I can do to actually create meaningful change in my life?  Am I willing to be uncomfortable?  Am I ready to answer that feeling I’ve had inside myself telling me something needs to change?  In what ways do I stop myself?  

Exploring those things that people do who actually succeed in creating change for themselves is a central part of this talk. 

We explore mindsets, intentions, affirmations, visualization, courage, open-mindedness, willingness, and the value of experiential learning. 

Becoming a Parenting Superhero

If you are ready for the dynamic to change between you and your kids…..  If you want to make sure you’re doing your best possible job as a parent….  If you want to learn how to teach your kids responsibility, without yelling at them (doesn’t work anyway) –  this is an opportunity to learn how.  

I draw upon my own experiences as a therapist working with parents and kids, as well as my 13 years of being a father, to share skills and perspectives that are guaranteed to change things for the better – for anyone who is willing to listen, then put what they learn into practice. Can you imagine doing a more effective job parenting without losing your cool? Do you want an approach you can utilize in any situation, with kids between the ages of 4 and 18? 

It is possible to be a parenting superhero.